How much do home solar panels cost in Pennsylvania in 2024?

Apollo energy company - solar panels cost in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, energy costs are a significant factor for homeowners, regardless of whether they choose solar power. Over 25 years, a $300 monthly bill amounts to over $90,000 paid to utility companies. Solar panel system costs depend on size, with a 10-kW system costing around $33,476. Doubling the size doubles the price, but larger investments yield federal tax credits, offsetting upfront expenses.

Traps to Avoid When Shopping for Solar for Your Home

Traps to Avoid When Shopping for Solar for Your Home

Embark on your solar journey wisely. From misleading online quotes to roofing considerations and contractual clarity, pitfalls abound. Join us as we shed light on these challenges and offer guidance for a smooth transition to solar energy.

The Benefits of Solar Energy for Homeowners: A Comprehensive Guide

Benefits of Solar Energy for Homeowners

Discover the myriad benefits of switching to solar energy for your home. From substantial financial incentives, including federal tax credits and state-specific rebates, to enhanced energy security amidst grid vulnerabilities, solar power offers a sustainable solution for homeowners. With minimal maintenance requirements and the potential for long-term savings, solar energy stands as a reliable alternative to traditional energy sources. Explore the diverse advantages, from environmental impact to ownership options, and make an informed decision about your energy future. Schedule a discovery call today to uncover the possibilities with our experienced design team.

Understanding Your Solar Energy Needs: How to Calculate Usage & System Requirements

Understanding Power Consumption

Discover how to calculate your solar energy needs effectively. Whether you’re considering solar power for your home or another project, learn essential methods to determine energy requirements and find the right system size. Explore manual calculations, utility bill analysis, and expert guidance for optimal solar solutions.”

Understanding Energy Storage

Solar panel installation on house roofs

Residential use of battery storage has become more viable in recent years with solar system compatibility. If you include energy storage when you switch to solar, you will be able to store the extra energy your system overproduces rather than sending it back into the grid to build credits on your utility bill. When your […]

How do I know my home is qualified?

There is enough solar power installed in the US today to power two million average homes. As solar adoption continues to rapidly increase, there are still a lot of homeowners out there that do not know how solar works, nor how exclusive it can be to qualify for monthly savings. As a standard rule of […]

HOA’s and Solar: It is your legal right to go solar!

New Jersey was one of the first states to pass a law (P.L. 2007, c. 153) that protects homeowners’ right to go solar from HOA interference. The law is clear that your community association cannot completely deny your ability to install a solar system. The law states, “An association formed for the management of commonly-owned […]

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