Traps to Avoid When Shopping for Solar for Your Home

Embark on your solar journey wisely. From misleading online quotes to roofing considerations and contractual clarity, pitfalls abound. Join us as we shed light on these challenges and offer guidance for a smooth transition to solar energy.
Traps to Avoid When Shopping for Solar for Your Home

Navigating the Solar Market: Common Traps to Avoid

Solar energy adoption for residential properties is surging across the nation, yet many remain uncertain about their options in this burgeoning field. To embark on your solar journey successfully, it’s crucial to arm yourself with knowledge and steer clear of common pitfalls. In this digital era, where information is abundant but accuracy is paramount, it’s vital to be wary of traps when researching home solar solutions.

Beware of Fake Online Quotes

One of the most prevalent traps homeowners encounter when initiating their solar exploration is falling for fake quotes. Picture this: You’re curious about solar costs, so you turn to the internet for answers. However, instead of reliable information, you’re bombarded with offers from companies promising instant online quotes. You provide your details, only to find yourself inundated with calls from obscure companies vying for your attention. What began as a quest for knowledge becomes a nightmare of relentless advertising.

This trap not only exposes consumers to incessant marketing but also sets unrealistic expectations regarding solar costs. Websites offering instant quotes often provide skewed estimates, failing to consider crucial factors that affect pricing. An accurate assessment, which an experienced firm can provide, takes into account various factors beyond what a five-minute online quote can offer.

Addressing Overlooked Roofing Concerns

Experienced solar companies often have expertise in roofing as well. A successful solar installation relies on a structurally sound roof, and many homes may require roof upgrades before going solar. While this may seem daunting, it can actually be advantageous. Combining a new roof with a solar system can yield significant financial benefits.

Many homeowners have builder-grade roofs with limited lifespans, necessitating upgrades to ensure safe solar installation. During your solar assessment, ensure thorough evaluation of your roof’s age and condition, and be open to the possibility of roof work. Choosing the right company may even allow you to upgrade to a fully warrantied, top-of-the-line roof, maximizing your investment.

Avoiding Loose Contracts

Some solar organizations present contracts with ambiguous terms, leaving homeowners vulnerable. For instance, imagine a contract stating that the installer “will try to replace broken panels within 2 years.” Such loose language can lead to uncertainties and disputes down the line. It’s imperative to scrutinize contracts thoroughly and ensure that warranties are robust and clearly outlined.


To navigate these hurdles effectively, consider reaching out directly to an experienced solar company. At Apollo Energy, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to assist you in designing a solar system tailored to your unique needs. Contact us via phone, email, or our website for a reliable and accurate solar solution today.

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