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M. Stringer
Hampton, Virginia | 02/25/2023
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Patrick did a great job at expalining the whole process of solar installation and the financial perks related to going solar. The consultation was thorough and informative. I really appreciate everything he did. He was also very personable!!
Wayne C
Chesapeake, Virginia | 01/26/2023
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Transparent & Evolving
Patrick has been transparent and thorough throughout the entire process. We experienced some of Apollo's growth and are happy to see them grow as a competitor in the solar industry. Patrick was able to show accurate rates, able to provide us on all the incentives, provide us with frequent updates, and served as a great guide throughout the process. He is thorough in his correspondence and can get you what you want. Would highly recommend this to friends and family.
Ralph Pineiro
Millstone Township, New Jersey | 01/31/2023
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Apollo Solar
I have to start by saying I was very skeptical about Solar as I heard so many horror stories about solar from friends and family. When I first got the call from Kelly Wilson I kinda of brushed him off. I gave him a chance to talk and as I listened he was awesome. He wasn’t pushy and over the top like other solar sale people. At first I was very busy and couldn’t spend much time on the phone and he made it real easy for me. Called me on my day off and explained the whole solar process and my needs. Ame back with a proposal that I couldn’t refuse. Everything I asked for he said no problem. Which for me being skeptical was to good to be true. He listened to everything I asked for and I got what I wanted. So if it wasn’t for this man’s impeccable listening skills and not shove this project t down my throat I would not have gotten Solar. The company Kelly used to replace my roof was very professional and super clean. Left in the morning when I came back it was like they were never there and I had a new roof. The Solar installers at EMT roofing for phenomenal super clean very professional and explained to me every process along the way. Again Mr. Wilson kept his word and I’m am more then elated with his work. Even after the work was done Kelly Wilson checked on me to make sure everything was working right and I was satisfied. As far as I’m concerned Kelly Wilson and Apollo Solar are A+++++++++++++ had it not been for him I would have not purchased solar.
Sewell, New Jersey | 01/24/2023
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The whole process so far has been great. From Day 1 Tristan has walked us through and kept us up to date. The installer Ryan and his crew did a great job. Also the roof job was excellent.
Asad Azimi
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania | 01/20/2023
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Amazing !!!
George Nebrat from Apollo Energy Company has been no less then Amazing. He meticulously explained us everything about solar system up to the point that i can do this myself now. No pressure, a lot of patience and understanding about different culture and way of thinking Thank you very much George.
Emmanuel Williams
Hampton, Virginia | 01/18/2023
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Patrick Morris was a great help in learning the world of solar. He assisted my wife and I through the entire process. Apollo Energy Company has helped us transform our financial future for the better. I'm so happy with all of the service we've received.
Norfolk, Virginia | 01/18/2023
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Solar start
So far so good, I admit I was a little skeptical and ignorant of Solar capabilities at first but Patrick was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer a ton of my questions. I'm still in the beginning stages but communication from all parties involved has been amazing and I'm looking forward to the end result.
Jamie Swartz
Marysville, Pennsylvania | 01/15/2023
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Ron Baker Solar Presentation !!!
Ron provided an excellent solar presentation to us that outline all details for solar installation, system operation and financial benefits.
Big John
Decatur, Texas | 01/11/2023
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Outstanding Job
Patrick did a great job walking me through the sales process, getting the appointment scheduled, and doing all the follow up after the installation to make sure that everything was properly approved and that my system was up and running correctly. I can't recommend Apollo Energy Company and Patrick enough.
Khalid Abousy
Mc Lean, Virginia | 12/31/2022
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Sam Townsend Apollo Energy Company
5 stars Shout out to a wonderful Rep Mr. Sam Townsend. I was contacted by Sam regarding Solar Panels from Apollo Energy Company. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided data from my own Dominion Energy utility bill and showed me how historical and current bills would save us north of 150k on our bills. He was all about informing and educating me on the how's and whys rather than selling his product which I found more helpful than other outfits. Truly a great guy and made the process extremely helpful was very considerate of my time and was not trying to get a sale going, but he was more of an educational resource regarding solar energy.
Justin Millette
Hampton, Virginia | 12/23/2022
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New Wave
Apollo is by far the best, most honest, and most transparent when it comes to dealing with Customers. I have been privileged to be working with SAM. He is the "MAN". He is always in communication, always ensuring that you get the best quality. He is direct and transparent. Apollo takes personal pride in ensuring that they meet and exceed your expectations. I am excited I took the opportunity to get on board now than later on. I will definitely recommend Apollo Energy. If you are unsure. Just give them a call and speak about your concerns. They do not pressure you or make you feel some type of way if you don't come on board.
Svan H
Virginia Beach, Virginia | 12/20/2022
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The BEST Possible Customer Experience EVER.
I originally knew nothing about solar. Then I was approached by Sam Townsend and he explained everything to my wife and I. He truly has a wealth of knowledge and experience from a decade in construction, but is able to translate it into understandable and digestible terms. My wife and I have never thought about going solar before, but now we are excited to be saving tens of thousands of dollars we would've otherwise wasted on renting our energy from Dominion. Sam has been open and keeping in touch with me throughout the entire process and has delivered on everything he promised. He really went the extra mile and showed up every step of the way.
Sharon Moore-Henry
Virginia Beach, Virginia | 12/20/2022
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Home owner
This company has done an awesome job communicating with the me, the homeowner, during the process. When the installer company was moving slow or lagging, Sam Townsend ensure that the installation process was handle appropriately and accurately. His communication channel was right on point as he communicated with me during every step in the transition phase.
Latrele Watson
Williamsburg, Virginia | 12/18/2022
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Best Solar Experience EVER
Sam Townsend was Great from Beginning to end and beyond! He will answer ANY phone calls, ANY texts - Sam is the MAN and just WONDERFUL. We had a GREAT experience and if you are thinking of going solar do not hesitate to give Sam a call! Everything that he said would happen did happen! The time the system was installed, the incentive programs we were guaranteed - it all came true EXACTLY how Sam described it. For those of you who think it all sounds too good to be true - we thought the same thing and it wasn't - it all came true! Call SOLAR SAM TOWNSEND!
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | 12/17/2022
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Great Experience
Loved working with Ron! He guided me through the whole process.
Timmy Williams
Mattawana, Pennsylvania | 12/16/2022
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Great company
George Nebrat and Apollo Energy Company has been amazing through the whole process of setting up for solar. I asked George a TON of questions. He was very patient with me and shared his experiences with the process. I asked for some changes to the design and he was very accommodating. I can't wait until the system gets installed and we see the great savings. This process all started because our electric bill has doubled over the past 6 months and we decided to find something else. This has been an amazing process so far! Thanks, George for all your help and honesty.
Todd Teter
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania | 12/01/2022
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Awesome company to work with
Apollo energy company is everything you want in a solar company! Particularly one of the representatives in PA named George Nebrat. This gentleman was helpful and knowledgeable that made this experience so pleasant and easy that I would recommend him and his company to anyone. He was patient with all my questions and concerns throughout the whole process. He definitely went over and above to make this process seamless and affordable. This company is Awesome!!
Lake in the Hills, Illinois | 11/25/2022
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Shpend and Jessie were really professional, knowledgeable and honest. So glad I picked them over Sunrun.
De Forest, Wisconsin | 10/03/2022
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Knowledgeable/no pressure/great communication
Spoke with my area consultant Shpend Ahmeti, regarding solar for my home. I have been skeptical with solar but Shpend put my mind at ease, felt no pressure very knowledgeable and got back to me promptly! Out of three solar companies in my area, Shpend was Exceptional to work with. One company was trying to bamboozle me and Shpend help me expose that. Highly recommend giving Shpend Ahmeti with Apollo Energy a call! will follow up as soon as they get installers around my area.
Riverside, New Jersey | 10/14/2022
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Seamless Process and Installation
I was really impressed by how thorough/helpful their team was during the entire process. The Apollo Energy team helped me work through all of the paperwork and processes involved with my installation. From start to finish they were able to answer any questions I had about the install and contracts. I'm incredibly happy with the savings I'm seeing each month. It was a pleasure to work with them.
Jess Lee
Medford, New Jersey | 01/16/2023
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Professional and friendly service!
The salesperson explained the details about the process very well and answered all of my questions. Apollo Energy Company is very easy to reach out and they put all the efforts to get the job done fast as possible.
Norfolk, Virginia | 01/17/2023
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Great service
I’ve been working with Patrick to get the panels installed. Every step of the way he and the company have been able to make it a very easy process. I highly recommend this company.
Anneliese Ullrich
Oxnard, California | 01/13/2023
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Fantastic Experience!
I first contacted Ron to pick his brain about buying solar panels after seeing his post on Facebook. Since he's in Pennsylvania and I'm in California, I was just expecting a conversation. But Apollo networks with other solar companies around the country. Before I knew it, he had found a fantastic company closer to me and I signed a contract. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient. What a fantastic experience! I recommend Ron and his company to everyone I know who if they are considering going solar. Thank you, Ron and Jessie!
Tammy Gentzler
York, Pennsylvania | 12/31/2022
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Before speaking with Kade Wiley I knew very little about solar panels and was a little skeptical Kade explained in a way that I could understand the benefits and advantages to going solar. Going into the conversation with him, I had no intentions to proceeding, but after talking with Kade and having him explain to me how it works, the tax advantages and the overall long term advantages, I signed a contract that same day. Kade remained in contact with me, shared with me the steps we were at and within the next couples weeks my panels will be installed!!! A very stress free and easy process due to dealing with a knowledgeable and patient salesman
C. Ryan
Washington, District of Columbia | 12/28/2022
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These guys are awesome!
George Nebrat with Apollo Energy was very helpful in consulting with us on solar energy. We didn't know anything before meeting with him but he was extremely knowledgeable in the process. Unfortunately, we are still in the process of purchasing a home, but as soon as we have completed that, we are going to get solar energy, and we are going to get it with George. Very grateful for such a positive experience.
Mike & Deb Moreland
Virginia Beach, Virginia | 12/20/2022
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Fantastic experience exceeding all expectations
Our experience so far with Sam Townsend at Apollo Energy Company has surpassed every expectation. Sam is extremely knowledgeable about solar technology and the solar industry, and was exceedingly patient in answering all of our questions during our initial consultation, spending as much time with us as was necessary. He talked us through every design and engineering consideration for the system we bought and showed us in very simple terms why solar is the right option for our home. Sam has been very responsive to questions and is very proactive to make sure we understand without a doubt what the next steps in the process will be. He has over-delivered every step of the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sam and Apollo Energy.
Bryan Moreland
Virginia Beach, Virginia | 12/18/2022
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I didn't know much of anything about solar energy but after meeting with Sam, I felt like an expert. I had heard the world was moving in that direction, but I didn't know you could save money and help the environment at the same time. Sam took the time necessary to explain everything and ensure I had a great understanding of the equipment, cost, and energy output. On top of that, Sam has kept in touch along the whole way of the project to make sure everything goes smoothly. I recommend Apollo to anyone who is interested in solar or even just curious about the benefits and savings. I cannot recommend Apollo and Sam enough.
Lance Daugharty
Newport News, Virginia | 12/18/2022
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Amazing Salesman and Service
I had looked around at a few solar companies before settling with Apollo as Sam Townsend was an amazing salesman and took care of us throughout the entire process. Apollo kept us well informed at every step, answered all of my calls in a super quick amount of time, didn't hide anything from us throughout the process. Sam was very open about everything, any snags we had he immediately took care of. Apollo solar is an amazing company, I I would definitely say they are among my top 5 service situations I have ever been in. If your scared about the solar process I would say give them a call they will definitely quell all your fears and show you how amazing solar ownership can be. I cant wait to get turned on in a few days and be a part of the solar world. Once again amazing company, amazing salesman, and service that is above and beyond.
Todd Brown
Chesapeake, Virginia | 12/18/2022
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Sam is the man
We went into this very cautiously... Sam was great along the way, answered all of our questions and did a great job of explaining to us what I really didn't understand going in. Anyways, so far the experience has been great, everything has gone exactly as it was laid out to us by Sam with no surprises. Highly recommend the company in general, Sam in particular.
Hightstown, New Jersey | 12/14/2022
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Worked primarily with Tristan throughout the sales and installation process. The entire process was extremely well handled and what I had initially believe would be an extremely complicated and daunting process was so streamlined that once we went through the initial quote process I barely had to be involved. Everything was extremely transparent, Tristan was great at explaining all of the benefits, how I could access them, and how the whole process would work. There were a couple minor issues that took only a few minutes and a couple of phone calls to resolve and the whole time I felt like everyone I was working with from Apollo to Sunnova wanted to do their best to benefit me. We additionally were able to take the weight of replacing the roof off of our minds due to the relationship that apollo has with other local contractors, so now we have a new roof and a new solar system that are both guaranteed for the next 25 years. I genuinely am impressed at how smooth this whole process was for us and if you're serious about getting solar installed cannot recommend them enough.
Medford, New Jersey | 10/16/2022
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Solar Panels
I found Apollo to be professional and delivered as promised
Karol Deeter
Mount Laurel, New Jersey | 10/15/2022
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Above and Beyond
I actually got interested in solar from a cold call from Apollo. The young man was very knowledgeable on the phone and pretty much answered all the picky questions I threw at him. I get solar calls every day but the people on the other line usually sound like they would rather be anywhere else but this guy seemed legitimately passionate about his job so I gave him a shot. The sales rep (Kass) came out and sat down with me to show me her presentation. We actually got off track and talked about a million other things which was cool because most of the salespeople I have met in my life (whether its cars or other home improvement things) are strictly business and only interested in getting their commission. I didnt feel any pressure with Kass and she showed me how the numbers made sense for me and set me up with a battery system. My solar payment was significantly less than my electric bill and she helped me set up everything I would need. Thank you Kass!! Installation was speedy and efficient. Just got my system turned on last week and everything is working perfectly. Thank you Kass and Apollo for giving me great service and a great experience!!
Altoona, Pennsylvania | 09/26/2022
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Very Satisfied Customer
I was hesitant at first because I knew so little about solar energy, but take it from me. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. I paid zero money up front and I went from having an average of $230 a month energy bill to only paying 160 a month for my panel system. Couple that with receiving PA's $40 SREC and I'm saving approximately $1200 a year on energy. Apollo Energy took care of everything for me. All I had to do was Docusign what they sent over to me and everything fell into place. Permits were placed, the installation company was dispatched, and my SREC broker contacted me and walked me through signing up to receive the credits. All without me lifting a finger or paying any money. My installation was done in one day and the installers were very professional and left no mess. The best part about my Apollo experience was that I never felt like anything was being hidden from me, which is something I've heard about a lot of other companies selling these systems. And now that my system is installed and producing and my payments have started, I can guarantee that they haven't hidden anything from me. If you're hesitant as I was about going solar, Apollo Energy is a great company to go with. You will be told the truth from start to finish and when it's all said and done, you will have a great system and be paying less for energy that you used to. It's a no brainer and I am very satisfied with my whole experience. Thanks Apollo Energy!
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