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Find Out How Much You Could Save a Month on Your Energy Bill

– Learn about a up to 30% federal tax credit incentive
– Learn about the Solar Renewable Energy Credit for residents of Pennsylvania
– Potentially no money down to get started

The Apollo Team has placed tens of thousands of families into Solar.
Let’s help your family save today.



The experts at Apollo Energy Company have decades of experience in the solar industry. We have cultivated relationships with top organizations throughout the country to bring you an unparalleled quality of installation and level of service.

Go Solar In 4 Easy Steps


We Analyze Your Energy

We check your electrical panel & analyze your energy habits to see which system best suits your needs.



After analyzing your current and predicted energy usage we create a personalized solar layout that suits you.


Design and Permit

Choose the option and design that best suits your home while we work on the layout, inspection and permits.



Our professional and certified team will work with you and your solar consultant to install your panels as quickly as possible.

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Our customers couldn’t be happier.
Jan 17, 2023
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I’ve been working with Patrick to get the panels installed. Every step of the way he and the company have been able to make it a very easy process. I highly recommend this company.
M. Stringer
Feb 25, 2023
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Patrick did a great job at expalining the whole process of solar installation and the financial perks related to going solar. The consultation was thorough and informative. I really appreciate everything he did. He was also very personable!!
Jamie Swartz
Jan 15, 2023
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Ron provided an excellent solar presentation to us that outline all details for solar installation, system operation and financial benefits.
Jess Lee
Jan 16. 2023
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The salesperson explained the details about the process very well and answered all of my questions. Apollo Energy Company is very easy to reach out and they put all the efforts to get the job done fast as possible.
Latrele Watson
Dec 18, 2022
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Sam Townsend was Great from Beginning to end and beyond! He will answer ANY phone calls, ANY texts - Sam is the MAN and just WONDERFUL. We had a GREAT experience and if you are thinking of going solar do not hesitate to give Sam a call!
C. Ryan
Dec 18, 2022
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George Nebrat with Apollo Energy was very helpful in consulting with us on solar energy. We didn't know anything before meeting with him but he was extremely knowledgeable in the process.
Emmanuel Williams
Dec 18, 2022
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Patrick Morris was a great help in learning the world of solar. He assisted my wife and I through the entire process. Apollo Energy Company has helped us transform our financial future for the better. I'm so happy with all of the service we've received.
Understanding Power Consumption
Find Out How Much You Could Save a Month on Your Energy Bill


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